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Live Blog UK Riots 2011

Sunday 7th August saw young people in London violently resist police leading to widespread rioting. Our live blog has the latest images and videos from Ceasefire's reporters on the ground.

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Image from riots in North London two weeks ago

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Following the relative quiet from Wednesday 10th August, people and communities have been organising to defend the young people receiving disproportionately harsh sentences – most significantly maximum prison sentences for minor theft and possession of stolen goods. This manipulation of the criminal justice system has been widely criticised, notably by Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone MP.

A further 40 arrests have been made by officers based on evidence found on social network sites that the suspects are planning disturbances at this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival.

24th August 2011

23:30: Reports from Edmonton, North London that a marked police van has been hit with a petrol bomb. The bomb was thrown at a passing police van as it patrolled the area.

Scotland Yard has announced that over 10,000 police officers have been called into action.

25th August 2011

13:30: Scotland Yard have confirmed that “no damage was caused and no injuries sustained”

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James Levy
Aug 30, 2011 9:58

‘People and Communities have been organised to protect these young people from disproportionately harsh sentences’ what utter nonsense is this! is there such a thing as ‘ disproportionately harsh sentences’ for people who have behaved in this way? Everyone now is a victim! if you are a violent criminal, a sadist, homophobic, anti semitic, fascist wife beating macho sexist brute, drunken, alchoholic, drug addicted or even disgustingly obese, you are a victim! Social workers, youth workers, ‘specialists’ etc etc! will justify your actions and make excuses for you, because you are a ‘victim of society’, poor, marginalised, black, brown, etc! This justification has to stop, for it is nonsense, worse, it is utter banality, mouthed by irresponsible cretins, who are seeking for whatever reason to serve their personal agendas! None of it is helpful, all is utterly wrong and entirely misleading! Political Correctness however, has made it almost impossible for those who do know what they are talking about and are on the front line of having to deal with this type of thing, to speak the truth clearly and directly, and, if they do they are vilified as racists and fascists. The Police know exactly what they are dealing with and indeed how to deal with it! thery are however prevented from doing so, and in any actions, themselves become the target of criticism and accusation. Let us be clear, the large majority of Police in this country are not racists, fascists ot indeed homophobes, and they do an excelent and often almost impossible job.
What is required is that the justification and excuse making stops, and people once again learn that they as individuals are entirely responsible for their actions, and that being poor, black, semi litterate (‘innit bro’) etc, is not an excuse for violent behavior! You will find that all (That is ALL) of the people involved in the recent violence and looting and indeed the trouble/stabbing at the Notting Hill Carnival, are obssesed with Rap and Hip Hop music and games like Grand Theft Auto! the aggression, machismo and ‘cool to be hard and tough’ ‘manly’ imagery and ‘feel’ of this music and it’s message of banal retardedl posturing and simple minded symbolism, has warped and shaped a whole class and group of sexualy repressed, simple and litteraly minded semi litterate people, and we are now paying for it! I would point out, that Japan for example does not have these problems, perhaps it would serve those in authority to discover why, and indeed why Japan is perhaps a model of a civilised enlightened culture. Equally in China where an extremly authoritarian government will stand no abuse of their absolute control! Where i am in no sense recomending the ‘Chinese Way’! There now needs to be a re-establishment of order, discipline and respect for authority and property, equally people must be taught that politness, grace and good manners, are the basic building blocks of a civilised culture!
It is important to remember that some people will always be rich and others poor, this is the order of things, however whatever our position or status, grace, sensitivity truth and above all compassion must be values that are upheld and valued!

Sep 2, 2011 0:12

The problems will never be totally resolved untill we address the issues from the top of the social ladder.. have you seen the STFU David Cameron song on youtube?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u5FtriA8tA That kinda says it pretty clearly…

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