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    Comment | ‘We are not animals. We are human beings’: Why we went on hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood and why our struggle continues

    Today, detainees at the Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre ended their month-long hunger strike. In a powerful essay, one of the detainees explains why they went on hunger strike, and why their #HungerForFreedom actions will continue.

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    Blogs, Ideas, New in Ceasefire - Feb 4, 2018 13:10 - Comment

    Essay | We Are Here Because You Were With Us: Remembering A. Sivanandan (1923–2018)

    A. Sivanandan, who passed away last month, was one of Britain’s foremost and most influential thinkers on race, class and power. Virou Srilangarajah pays tribute to a remarkable life, and a towering intellectual and political legacy.

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    New in Ceasefire, Politics - Mar 31, 2018 19:59 - Comment

    Comment | Israel’s bullets, and the world’s indifference, won’t stop our Great Palestinian March to freedom

    Not content with killing and maiming defenceless Palestinians in broad daylight, Israel is slandering us as barbarians and dupes. This won’t stop our decades-long march for our rights and freedoms, writes Ahmed Masoud.

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    Debate, Features, New in Ceasefire - Mar 23, 2018 12:08 - Comment

    Comment | What UK politicians can, and must, do about the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal

    The ongoing Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal is a wake-up call for the UK public and policy-makers. Privacy International offer seven simple actions UK politicians can, and must, take now to turn things around. 

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    Columns, New in Ceasefire - Apr 5, 2018 18:59 - Comment

    Weaponizing the Benign | How Israel weaponised tourism to strengthen its Occupation

    For years now, Israel has been deploying a disturbing form of war tourism as a weapon to enforce and consolidate its occupation of the Palestinian people. In his new column, Lowkey explores the phenomenon.

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    Arts & Culture, Music & Dance, New in Ceasefire - Feb 5, 2018 20:34 - Comment

    Comment | The tone-deafness of privilege: Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl

    Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance last night was a bitter reminder of the American cultural establishment’s shameful mistreatment of an iconic black female artist, and his complicity in it, writes Ali M. Latifi.

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