Ideas, New in Ceasefire - Jun 8, 2017 18:12 - Comment

    Ideas | The Welfare State is our living memorial: The Tory assault on it is a national betrayal

    In 1945, the UK, a country that had been at war for the best part of thirty years, found a way to build a better society for its citizens. Today, it is at a crossroad. This year will be the one in which the welfare state and National Health Service will be fully dismantled by a Conservative government opposed to any sense of solidarity or collectivity. This is a national betrayal, argues Neal Curtis.

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    New in Ceasefire, Politics - Apr 4, 2017 19:02 - 1 Comment

    Comment | She’s not indifferent … We are: On our Culture of Denial in the ‘War on Terror’

    In the aftermath of the London attack, an image of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman went viral, and was used to signify Muslim indifference at ‘our’ suffering. In fact, the reaction to the image says more about ‘us’ and our political culture of denial, argues Fahid Qurashi.

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    New in Ceasefire, Special Reports - Oct 7, 2016 14:21 - 1 Comment

    Special Report | “The world has a responsibility to get this blockade on Gaza lifted”: Women’s Boat to Gaza illegally detained by Israel

    Two days ago, thirteen women – including a Nobel Peace Prize winner – on a peaceful mission to break the illegal blockade on Gaza were abducted in international waters and detained in an Israeli prison. Vyara Gylsen reports.

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    In Theory, New in Ceasefire - Apr 11, 2017 17:01 - Comment

    An A to Z of Theory | Augusto Boal: Legislative Theatre and Politics

    In his penultimate column on the radical playwright and director Augusto Boal, Andrew Robinson examines Legislative Theatre – a method pioneered during Boal’s tenure as a member of the Rio local parliament. Robinson also examines and critiques the radical democratic perspective underpinning this phase of Boal’s work.

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    Arts & Culture, Film & TV, New in Ceasefire - Apr 7, 2017 21:22 - 1 Comment

    Film | ‘Get Out’: A bone-chilling, discomfort-inducing, laughter-provoking artistic and political triumph

    The surprise box office hit of the year, ‘Get Out’ is as an artistic and political tour-de-force that is as much informed by the Rachel Dolezal saga as it is by Black Lives Matter. Jennifer Izaakson reviews.

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