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    New in Ceasefire - Jul 1, 2020 17:35 - 1 Comment

    Comment | Israel’s Annexation Plan: The UK government must stop putting arms sales ahead of the rights and lives of Palestinians

    Israel’s proposed annexation of parts of the West Bank is a grave violation and injustice against the people of Palestine. The UK’s rhetorical objections are not enough, there must be an end to UK arms sales to Israel and the message of political and military support that they send, writes Andrew Smith.

    New in Ceasefire - Jun 30, 2020 15:27 - 6 Comments

    Comment | Let’s Measure the Exact Angle: A Palestinian Perspective on the Maxine Peake controversy

    “Why is nobody asking us, the Palestinians, what we think?” Author and playwright Ahmed Masoud offers his perspective on the Maxine Peake controversy.

    New in Ceasefire - Jun 29, 2020 14:10 - Comment

    Comment | ‘Counter-Terrorism’ is a dangerous myth, it is high time we abolished it

    At a moment when demands for police and prison abolition have travelled from the radical fringes into mainstream prominence, the radical social transformation that we seek requires nothing less than the abolition of the category of ‘terrorism’ altogether and the dismantling of the global counter-terrorism infrastructure, writes Eda Seyhan.

    New in Ceasefire - Jun 26, 2020 11:31 - Comment

    Books | Review | ‘Chav Solidarity’ by D. Hunter

    “A guide and a balm, a meditation on the politics of survival and an appeal to extend our arms towards each other”. Chav Solidarity, by D. Hunter, is a book that must be read, writes Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi.

    Editor's Desk, Interviews, New in Ceasefire - Jul 29, 2019 8:27 - 1 Comment

    Interview | Yanis Varoufakis: “Never before have we had so much money, yet so little investment in what humanity needs”

    Yanis Varoufakis talks to Ceasefire’s Laura Siegler about building a transnational movement to tackle climate change, the ongoing crisis of capitalism, and his return to Greek politics.

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    Ideas, New in Ceasefire - Jun 10, 2020 15:21 - 3 Comments

    Ideas | Making It Count: Resisting the Authority of Ignorance

    We are governed by pathological liars, buffoons, and brutish aristocrats, yet they keep getting away with it. Just what will it take to make the truth count and hold them accountable? Asks Sita Balani.

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    New in Ceasefire, Politics - May 29, 2020 10:47 - 3 Comments

    Comment | Why it’s your civic duty not to download the UK’s contact tracing app

    Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson are trying to persuade us that it’s our civic duty to take part in their Covid-19 ‘test and track’ programme. But their approach – based on secrecy, exceptionalism and deception – means our civic duty may well be to resist the programme actively, argues Paul Bernal.

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    Features, New in Ceasefire, Special Reports - Jun 15, 2020 15:05 - Comment

    Special Report | Palestinian Lives Matter: The killing of Eyad Hallaq and Israel’s state racism

    The killing on May 30th of Eyad Hallaq, an autistic Palestinian young man in Jerusalem, by Israeli police, has elicited enormous sympathy and outrage. It also provides a stark reminder that racist state violence remains a daily reality for Palestinians, Yousef Al-Helou reports.

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    Columns, In Theory, New in Ceasefire - Jun 13, 2020 0:00 - 1 Comment

    In Theory | Anti-Lockdown Theory: Stop Securitisation!

    Global lockdown is finally giving way to a period of economic crash and social unrest. Yet the state response to the outpouring of justified anger at police atrocities is remarkably similar to its response to the coronavirus pandemic. In the second of his series on lockdown theories, Andy McLaverty-Robinson looks at securitisation, notably the long history of shifting framings of healthcare and the creeping securitisation of social problems.

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    Arts & Culture, Books, New in Ceasefire - Jun 19, 2020 8:43 - Comment

    Books | The Universal Enemy: Jihad, Empire, and the Challenge of Solidarity by Darryl Li

    If the global War on Terror has taught us anything, it is that it is very easy to write badly about Muslims, particularly in the context of conflict. Darryl Li’s ‘The Universal Enemy’ stands as a salutary antidote to so much that passes for scholarship on the subject, writes Asim Qureshi in his review.

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