Editor's Desk, New in Ceasefire - May 9, 2018 13:07 - Comment

    Media | Tom Mills: “There is no doubt the BBC has been biased towards Corbyn”

    Tom Mills, lecturer in Sociology and Policy at Aston University and author of ‘The BBC: Myth of a Public Service’, on the BBC’s impartiality in its coverage of Jeremy Corbyn.

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    Ideas, New in Ceasefire - Aug 6, 2018 14:59 - Comment

    Analysis | For the Many: How Labour’s 2017 General Election Manifesto changed everything

    If the 2017 election was unusual in that large numbers of voters changed their views during the course of six weeks, Labour’s manifesto was one of the key reasons for their doing so, argues Mike Phipps.

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    New in Ceasefire, Politics - Jun 14, 2018 16:32 - 1 Comment

    Comment | Yemen: The UK government is complicit in a humanitarian catastrophe

    This week saw the start of the Saudi-led coalition’s assault on the Yemeni port town of Hodeida. After three years of destruction, the war has reached its deadliest stage yet. Governments like the UK know this, yet continue to enable this suffering, writes Andrew Smith.

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    New in Ceasefire, Photo Essays - May 9, 2018 12:00 - Comment

    Photo Essay | Tindouf: A bright spark in Saharawi-Algerian solidarity

    Visiting the city of Tindouf and nearby refugee camps in south-west Algeria, Saharawi writer Agaila Abba reflects on the remarkable social and economic transformation of the city.

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    Columns, Ideas, New in Ceasefire - Apr 18, 2018 16:12 - Comment

    An A to Z of Theory | Hakim Bey: Capitalism, the State, and the Spectacle

    In the latest essay of his series on Hakim Bey, Andrew Robinson examines Bey’s theory of capitalism, his critique of ‘cop culture’ and his comments on American global hegemony; and provides an analysis of Bey’s view of the dominant system.

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    Arts & Culture, Music & Dance, New in Ceasefire - Feb 5, 2018 20:34 - Comment

    Comment | The tone-deafness of privilege: Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl

    Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance last night was a bitter reminder of the American cultural establishment’s shameful mistreatment of an iconic black female artist, and his complicity in it, writes Ali M. Latifi.

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