Editor's Desk, New in Ceasefire - Feb 28, 2015 21:15 - 6 Comments

    Politics | Creating ‘Jihadi John': Are the UK security services putting us in danger?

    (Mohammed Emwazi pictured in school. Source: The Sun/News Syndication)

    The apparent unmasking of ‘Jihadi John’ has dominated international headlines of the past 48 hours. Far less coverage, however, has been given to troubling revelations that Mohammed Emwazi and others had been subjected to sustained harassment by UK security services for years. This raises important and urgent questions about current anti-terror policies.

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    Ideas, New in Ceasefire - May 6, 2015 0:00 - 3 Comments

    Special Report | A (Not So) Silent Takeover: Social Cleansing in London’s East End


    Dilly Hussain reports on the ongoing campaign by corporate property developers to muscle the Somali-run community out of London’s East End.

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    New in Ceasefire, Politics - May 7, 2015 0:00 - 2 Comments

    Politics | Why is the British Establishment Handing Over a Parliamentary Seat to a Despot’s Niece?

    Tulip Siddiq - Hassina - Putin - Ceasefire Mag

    The Labour Party’s decision to field as one of its General Election candidates a member and supporter of a political dynasty with an atrocious record of human rights violations in Bangladesh is a scandal.

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    Interviews - May 27, 2015 7:44 - 4 Comments

    Interview | Bridget Anderson on Europe’s ‘violent humanitarianism’ in the Mediterranean


    Bridget Anderson, Professor of Migration at the University of Oxford, speaks to Ceasefire’s Luke De Noronha about Europe’s response to the Mediterranean crisis and how borders are ‘a dystopian project whose enforcement exposes the horrific violence of the state.’

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    In Theory, New in Ceasefire - Apr 17, 2015 18:45 - Comment

    An A to Z of Theory | Alain Badiou: On Badiou Versus Deleuze

    Badiou - Deleuze - Ceasefire Magazine

    In the tenth and final instalment of his series on the French thinker, Andrew Robinson compares and contrasts Badiou’s work with one of Robinson’s favourite theorists, and Badiou’s béte noire: Gilles Deleuze.

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    Books, New in Ceasefire - Mar 27, 2015 0:00 - 1 Comment

    Books | Review | Unmaking Merlin: Anarchist Tendencies in English Literature (Zero Books)


    While recent years have seen a renewed interest in anarchistic thought and theory, it is refreshing and exciting to see a new volume bringing an explicitly anarchist lens to bear on English literature, argues Tom Malleson in his review of ‘Unmaking Merlin: Anarchist Tendencies in English Literature’ by Elliot Murphy.

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