Editor's Desk, New in Ceasefire - Jul 17, 2014 19:14 - 3 Comments

    Special Report | Dear BBC, Palestinian children, too, have names

    Amir Schiby - Bakr Boys - CF

    The marked contrast between the BBC’s reporting of the deaths of Palestinian and Israeli children this past month has been an eloquent symbol of its wider failings.

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    Ideas, New in Ceasefire - Sep 30, 2014 17:32 - 1 Comment

    Ideas | What Makes a Revolution?

    What Makes A Revolution

    Current debates over whether the world is experiencing a revolutionary wave assume a past history of such waves yet rarely examine in any depth the historical record. In their first essay of a three-part series on the subject, Laurence Cox and Alf Gunvald Nilsen look at revolutionary waves in history.

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    New in Ceasefire, Politics - Aug 28, 2014 22:51 - 6 Comments

    Politics | Iraq, ISIS and intervention: How the mainstream media failed again

    Iraq - Air Support- Ceasefire Magazine

    Once again, the spectre of war and destruction is hovering across Iraq and, once again, the mainstream media is acting as an uncritical supporter of Western intervention.

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    New in Ceasefire, Special Reports - Sep 25, 2014 23:30 - 7 Comments

    Analysis | Story of a War Foretold: Why we’re fighting ISIS

    The war against ISIS - Ceasefire

    Nafeez Ahmed examines how the rise of ISIS was both predicted and evitable, and argues the West’s current military campaign is already being used to neuter mass surveillance reforms at home and will likely produce further political destabilisation in the region.

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    In Theory, New in Ceasefire - Sep 24, 2014 12:38 - Comment

    An A to Z of Theory | Alain Badiou: The Excluded Part and the Evental Site


    Andrew Robinson examines the conditions for the emergence of an Event through the lens of Badiou’s theory of social exclusion, and explains why, for Badiou, a truly revolutionary process must begin from the standpoint of the worst-off.

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    Books, New in Ceasefire - Sep 28, 2014 19:31 - Comment

    Books | Review | ‘Assata: An Autobiography’ by Assata Shakur

    Assata Shakur - Ceasefire Magazine

    In the aftermath of events in Ferguson, Missouri, a newly released edition of a key text of the black liberation canon, ‘Assata: An Autobiography’, is a necessary reminder of how potently the echoes of the civil rights era remain with us today, argues Terence Elliott-Cooper.

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