Editor's Desk, New in Ceasefire - Jul 17, 2014 19:14 - 2 Comments

    Special Report | Dear BBC, Palestinian children, too, have names

    Amir Schiby - Bakr Boys - CF

    The marked contrast between the BBC’s reporting of the deaths of Palestinian and Israeli children this past month has been an eloquent symbol of its wider failings.

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    Ideas, New in Ceasefire - Jul 20, 2014 16:48 - 17 Comments

    Analysis | Israel’s attack on Gaza is the culmination of 66 years of settler-colonialism

    Boy injured in an Israeli strike clinging to a medic at al-Shifa hospital - Ezz al-Zanoun - APA images

    Israel claims its latest onslaught against the population of Gaza is a response to Hamas rocket-fire, targeted at “terrorists” and motivated to “restore quiet.” However, an analysis of the IDF’s public relations points and war doctrines as well as the historical context of the events, shows the root cause of the crisis to be Israel’s decades-long programme of violent settler colonialism.

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    New in Ceasefire, Politics - Aug 14, 2014 19:49 - Comment

    Comment | After Gaza: The UK must end its arms trade with Israel

    Palestine Action Activsists Birmingham - Ceasefire Magazine

    As a growing number of voices worldwide call for an embargo on all arms sales to Israel, the UK’s response has fallen dismally short, warns Andrew Smith.

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    Interviews, New in Ceasefire - Aug 13, 2014 13:02 - Comment

    Interview | Film | Concerning Violence: “There should be a law against filmmakers going to Africa”

    Concerning Violence

    Best known for ‘The Black Power Mixtape’, Göran Olsson’s latest documentary, ‘Concerning Violence’, is a fresh exploration of familiar themes. Ceasefire’s Usayd Younis caught up with Olsson and his producer, Tobias Janson, at Sheffield’s annual documentary festival ‘Doc/Fest’, where the film received a standing ovation.

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    New in Ceasefire, Radar Reports - Jun 18, 2014 0:00 - Comment

    Radar Reports | Kenya’s immigrant crackdown: ‘Harassing Somalis will not counter terrorism’

    Radar Reports - Kenya - Ceasefire Magazine

    In this month’s Radar Reports column, Musa Haron writes from Kenya on the backlash against the Somali community in the aftermath of Sunday’s deadly attack on the town of Mpeketoni.

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    Film & TV, New in Ceasefire - Jun 19, 2014 12:26 - Comment

    Interview | In the Shadow of War: Exploring post-conflict Bosnia

    Scott Sisters

    In the Shadow of War is a feature-length documentary exploring the lives of four young people in post-conflict Bosnia Herzegovina. Ceasefire’s Usayd Younis caught up with its directors, Georgia and Sophia Scott, to find out why these stories needed to be told.

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