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    Interview | Akala: “Just because you listen to rap or reggae doesn’t mean you respect black people”

    Photo of Hip Hop artist Akala

    In part two of our exclusive interview, Hip-Hop artist Akala talks to Ceasefire’s Adam Cooper about Lily Allen, Mark Duggan, police impunity, slavery reparations, the banning of slang in schools and much more.

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    Comment | ‘Nobody listened to me’: Blair’s dismissal of the anti-war movement has fuelled violent extremism

    Stop the war - Ian Sinclair - Ceasefire

    More than a decade on since the February 15 2003 protests, it is time to acknowledge that the UK government’s refusal to heed the calls of the anti-war movement might have been directly responsible for fuelling violent extremism in the UK, Ian Sinclair argues.

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    New in Ceasefire, Notes from the Margins - May 20, 2014 13:42 - 5 Comments

    Notes from the Margins | ‘No one is listening to us’: Britain’s Migrant Rebellion

    TV grab from a helicopter shot shows det

    This month, Britain’s immigrant ‘detention estate’ has been rocked by one of the largest protests to date, yet another consequence of the climate of hatred, fear and racism so deeply embedded in Britain’s squalid current ‘debate’ about immigration, argues Matt Carr in his latest column. 

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    Interview | ‘It’s the most unequal country in the world’: Rehad Desai on the future of South Africa

    Miners Shot Down

    In 2012, thirty four striking miners were killed in South Africa’s most notorious post-Apartheid massacre. Rehad Desai, filmmaker and academic spoke to Ceasefire’s Usayd Younis about his new documentary ‘Miners Shot Down’ and the state of the country today.

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    In Theory, New in Ceasefire - May 26, 2014 10:47 - 2 Comments

    In Theory | Alain Badiou: Transcendence, Sets, and the Exclusion of Substance

    Badiou 2 - Ceasefire Magazine

    In the second installment of his ten-part series on Badiou, Andrew Robinson explains the specific claims of Badiou’s philosophy: the necessity of a transcendent “one” for social order, the appeal to mathematical set theory, and the rejection of qualitative or “substantial” references in philosophy.

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    Film & TV, New in Ceasefire - Jun 19, 2014 12:26 - Comment

    Interview | In the Shadow of War: Exploring post-conflict Bosnia

    Scott Sisters

    In the Shadow of War is a feature-length documentary exploring the lives of four young people in post-conflict Bosnia Herzegovina. Ceasefire’s Usayd Younis caught up with its directors, Georgia and Sophia Scott, to find out why these stories needed to be told.

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