• What Makes A Revolution
    Laurence Cox
    Alf Gunvald Nilsen
    Current debates over whether the world is experiencing a revolutionary wave assume a past history of such waves yet rarely examine in any depth the historical record. In their first essay of a three-part series on the subject, Laurence Cox and Alf Gunvald Nilsen look at revolutionary waves in history.
  • Assata Shakur - Ceasefire Magazine
    Terence Elliott-Cooper
    In the aftermath of events in Ferguson, Missouri, a newly released edition of a key text of the black liberation canon, 'Assata: An Autobiography', is a necessary reminder of how potently the echoes of the civil rights era remain with us today, argues Terence Elliott-Cooper.

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    Special Report | Dear BBC, Palestinian children, too, have names

    Amir Schiby - Bakr Boys - CF

    The marked contrast between the BBC’s reporting of the deaths of Palestinian and Israeli children this past month has been an eloquent symbol of its wider failings.

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    Politics | Iraq, ISIS and intervention: How the mainstream media failed again

    Iraq - Air Support- Ceasefire Magazine

    Once again, the spectre of war and destruction is hovering across Iraq and, once again, the mainstream media is acting as an uncritical supporter of Western intervention.

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    Interview | Film | Concerning Violence: “There should be a law against filmmakers going to Africa”

    Concerning Violence

    Best known for ‘The Black Power Mixtape’, Göran Olsson’s latest documentary, ‘Concerning Violence’, is a fresh exploration of familiar themes. Ceasefire’s Usayd Younis caught up with Olsson and his producer, Tobias Janson, at Sheffield’s annual documentary festival ‘Doc/Fest’, where the film received a standing ovation.

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    An A to Z of Theory | Alain Badiou: The State

    Alain Badiou - The State - Ceasefire Magazine

    In his latest examination of the work of the Alain Badiou, Andrew Robinson explores an important aspect of Badiou’s ontology, and a central one to his political writings: the State. Robinson explains why Badiou’s concept of the state is both political and ontological, why the state is the enemy of the Event, and why Badiou both wishes to, and yet often feels unable to, call for the destruction of the state.

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    Interview | Film | Annemarie Jacir: “I’m not interested in showing the West that ‘Palestinians are humans, too’”


    Award-winning Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir talks to Ceasefire’s Jumanah Younis about her latest film, the critically acclaimed ‘When I Saw You’, recently released in the UK.

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