Interview | Lowkey: On Militarism, Foreign Policy and the Arms Trade [VIDEO]

After a long hiatus, one of the UK's most celebrated political artists, Lowkey, has returned with new music and a UK tour. His forthcoming video, "Lords of War", deals with the issue of drone warfare and the arms trade. He talks to Tom Barns about foreign policy, austerity and militarism.

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One of the UK’s most celebrated political artists, Lowkey, has returned with a UK tour and two landmark videos, “The Ghosts of Grenfell” and “The death of Neoliberalism”. He talks to Tom Barns about militarism, foreign policy, austerity and the toxic role the Arms Trade industry plays in the UK political system at home and abroad.

Lowkey’s new track, ‘Lords of War’, which deals with the topic of the arms trade and drone warfare, will be released in October. The next stops on his current UK tour are as follows:

Sep 20 Wed: Nottingham
Sep 21 Thu: Leicester
Sep 24 Sun: Brighton
Sep 26 Tue: Oxford
Sep 27 Wed: Southampton
Sep 28 Thu: London

For more info and tickets click here.


Tom Barns is a spokesperson for Campaign Against Arms Trade and tweets at @caatuk. He is also a Trustee of the Campaign for Freedom of Information, and has written independently on various topics related to international relations and civil society.

Faith Taylor is a musician, researcher, teacher, and short film-maker based in Hackney. Her video work mainly documents grassroots direct action.


Lowkey is a hip hop artist and activist. His latest album Soundtrack to the Struggle, released in October 2011, reached the #1 spot on the iTunes HipHop chart.

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